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Drinking water delivery

Composite pipe from the
pioneering specialist

Uponor MLC - a system with multiple benefits

Multilayer composite pipes manufactured by Uponor consist of a longitudinal safety overlap welded aluminium pipe, to which an inner and outer layer of high temperature resistant polyethylene is applied (in accordance with DIN 16833). All layers are permanently bounded together by means of an intermediate adhesive layer. A special welding technique guarantees a maximum of safety. 

With our five layer composite pipe we developed a product with a future, which combines the benefits of both metal and plastic pipes. Product benefits are obtained that cannot be surpassed: The inner aluminium layer provides a 100% oxygen-proof barrier. It compensates for the snap-back forces and the linear expansion caused by temperature changes. The basis of the system is simple, safe and fast pipe installation: simply bend by hand, cut to length, bevel, join together, press – done!

No matter whether you use MLC for on-wall or in-wall mounting, for drinking water delivery or for radiator connection, we always have a suitable system solution for you.
Trust in the experience of Uponor of over 25 years with more than one billion meters of composite pipes produced.

uponor uni pipe plus

Advantages at a glance

  • Lightweight, flexible and form stable
  • Available in 16mm up to 110mm
  • Fittings in PPSU and brass
  • Slim and appealing on wall installation
  • Fast, flame-free installation – at least 50% labour saving
  • 100% oxygen barrier and low expansion rates
  • No wastage and fewer fittings required
  • Full European approvals

Uponor Fitting Systems for Uponor MLC Pipe



The colour coded system with built-in completion check

Coloured stop rings at the tried-and-tested easy-to-mount metal press fittings are the characteristic feature of this fitting generation of Uponor. Each dimension has its own colour providing clarity on the building site, in the warehouse and in wholesale trade. The colour coding system makes installation child's play and reliably prevents confusion. The basis of the system remains the tried-and-tested Uponor metal press fitting with colour coding.

uponor mlc fittings colour coded


Uponor MLC System

Benefits at a glance

  • Dimension-specific colour coding of fittings and pressing jaws
  • Visual identification of pressed state
  • Test safety function
  • Streamlined, visually appealing on-wall installation
  • DVGW approval


Tool-free pressing with just one click

RTM joints are available in 16mm to 25mm diameters and are colour coded to show at-a-glance which size to select. This saves you time and avoids any chance of error. The end result is a safe, professional job you’ll be proud of. Simply insert our MLC pipe into the fitting until you hear the distinctive click. This indicates that a secure joint has been made. You also have visual proof of success thanks to the 360º window, so once fitted you can forget it.

With RTM Ring Tension Memory you can forget all about soldering and pipe wrenches. The high carbon steel spring ring acts as the tool itself, applying even pressure around the pipe. 

Komposiittiputkien liitoksissa käytetään RTM-liittimiä, S-Press-puristusliittimiä tai suurimmissa putkissa RS-liittimiä.


Riser fittings

Benefits at a glance

  • Integrated press function
  • Dimension-specific colour coding
  • No special tools required
  • Visual and acoustical connection check
  • Rapid and simple to process
Modular RS

Modular RS

The modular press fitting system for distribution lines and risers

With just 40 parts, the Uponor modular Riser System achieves more than 300 fitting combinations in dimensions up to 110mm, and features a distinctive mechanism which removes the need for using tools overhead. All the required press connections can be done easily and safely on the workbench. Only here are heavy tools required. When on site the pre-mounted  composite-pipe units then simply have to be inserted into the fittings and locked. This ensures rapid high-quality installation even under difficult spatial conditions.

uponor riser modular fittings
Riser fittings

Benefits at a glance

  • Modular brass fitting concept consisting of base parts and matching adapter inserts
  • Innovative fitting connection between base part and adapter
  • Higher flexibility and less logistics thanks to minimal number of system components
  • Optimal availability at low storage space and investment requirements
  • Rapid mounting through pressing on the workbench and tool-free connecting on site
  • Optional usage of the pressing machines UP 75 or UP 110 (cordless)
  • Simple correction possibilities when plan changes occur during the installation 


The easy transition to other pipe systems 

Uponor Uni-X is a compression fittings range of 3/4“ eurocone connectors, metrical conus and adaptors for tap water and heating/cooling application. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Simple adaption to other pipes and systems
  • Flexible system design
  • No special tools required
uponor compression drinking water delivery