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Drinking water delivery

Hygienic control system

Smatrix Aqua PLUS - the smart new logic in drinking water hygiene

The different use of plumbing installations in buildings may lead to stagnation of water in the pipe systems. For this reason, hygiene problems may be arise due to the contamination of the drinking water with bacteria.

Uponor hygienic control system with Smatrix Aqua PLUS is the ideal solution for hygiene problems, especially in nursing homes, clinics, sports facilities and hotels. Smatrix Aqua PLUS monitors and permanently controls the drinking water installation in the building. By means of the smart monitoring technology, the water flow of several buildings can be monitored and controlled, – very easily by PC or mobile on the go. Uponor Smatrix Aqua PLUS can be fitted to older buildings as well. With little expenditure of time and cost from planning to operation, you fulfil the requirements of the European drinking water regulation.


Advantages - rinsing station

  • Observation of hygiene requirements and legal standards
  • Operation without additional software
  • No expensive integration in central building services management system
  • Quick and easy installation and initial operation
  • Ensures the intended use during the shell construction phase
  • Immediate notification by e-mail when required
uponor circle installation

This is the way Smatrix Aqua PLUS works

  • Plan hygiene with professional service support
  • Easy to install with a minimum of time spent
  • Safely control with remote monitoring technology
uponor smatrix aqua plus

Build on Uponor with Smatrix Aqua PLUS

Information on the first fully automatic water hygiene control system

  • Fully automatic water hygiene control system
  • Permanent smart monitoring function
  • Highest safety for your drinking water installation
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