Optional supply of fresh air for cooling ceilings

Specially developed for cooling ceilings, Quello cooling panels offer the possibility of introducing fresh air directly into a room via the cooling ceiling surface. Fresh air is passed through the perforated ceiling plate via small air duct rails between the heat conducting profiles so that the active cooling surface is not reduced. The supply air, tempered to around 18°C, sinks to the ground slowly on account of its own gravity, and diffuses from there. The heat sources present in the room ensure the desired air distribution. The used air is discharged as exhaust air close to the building façade via suitable openings in the ceiling. With this ventilation principle, even the most stringent requirements for cosiness and freedom from drafts are met.


  • Ensuring air quality
  • Airless system
  • Invisibly integrable
  • Compliance with minimum air exchange
  • Avoiding mould formation