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Ceiling heating and cooling

Radiant ceilings: Heating and cooling from above

Radiant cooling and heating ceilings can be often found in offices and retail spaces, but also in industrial buildings and sports halls. They are often used as a supplement to other radiant cooling and heating solutions. The ceiling heating system is usually installed directly on the ceiling or in suspended grid ceilings. In case of offices or commercial properties, concrete core activation (often referred to as TABS) is an economical and sustainable way to climatise buildings in an energy efficient way.

How does a radiant panel system work?

The renowned expert professor Stefano P. Corgnati from the Polytechnic University of Turin explains the strengths of Uponor radiant heating panels to you in a simple and understandable way. 

Radiant cooling and heating ceilings for sophisticated architecture

Uponor offers verious radiant solutions with different heating and cooling perfomances. Depending on the building type and the respective heating and cooling requirements, we help you to choose the system that will fit your building best. From single family houses to industrial buildings, Uponor has the right radiant solution.

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Your benefits from Uponor solutions

Specialised installer

Your benefits with ceiling heating and ceiling cooling from Uponor

With its innovative system solutions, Uponor covers the entire range of ceiling heating and cooling as well as installation technology. The modular systems can be combined into complete solutions as desired. With Uponor products, you will make the best choice both for new buildings as well as for the modernisation or retrofitting of existing buildings (in order to replace conventional radiators). We are happy to advise you in making your selection.



  • Large offer of different solutions
  • Proven quality and reliability
  • Complete systems from a single source
  • Great diversity of dimensions and applications
  • Systems for dry and wet construction
Building owner

Your benefits

Uponor systems provide a uniform temperature distribution in the room without convection. They transport both cooling and heating water. The space-enclosing ceilings thus provide a balanced room climate with minimal energy consumption and maximum comfort.


  • Support in all project phases
  • Large offer of different solutions
  • Comparatively low costs of investment and maintenance
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Complete systems from a single source

Your benefits

Uponor offers powerful complete solutions for ceiling heating and cooling. The systems comprise the appropriate distribution and control technology of the heating and cooling surfaces for various types of buildings as well as all of the accessories and tools. In addition, individual services for radiant panel heating in the ceiling are available to you world-wide. We are happy to advise you if you have any questions.


  • Complete solutions for ceiling installation from one supplier
  • Customised systems for new-builds and renovation projects
  • DIN-certified safety
  • Extensive services
Architect / designer

Your advantages with ceiling cooling and heating

Ceiling heating and cooling systems from Uponor are invisibly integrated into the building structure, unlike conventional radiators, or are deliberately installed to be visible as a design element. Like floor heating or wall heating, ceiling heating offers the greatest possible freedom of architecture and interior design. In addition, systems can be optimally combined with regenerative energy sources and provide pleasant warmth through radiant heat and not through convection. Uponor provides you with extensive planning documents so that you can design a new building just as well as the modernisation of an existing property.


  • More freedom for your spatial planning
  • Environmentally friendly heating with radiant panel heating
  • Tailor-made systems for new construction and renovation (e.g. ceiling heating in drywall system)
  • Complete solutions from one supplier
  • Heating and cooling ceilings provide for pleasant temperatures year-round

Your benefits

Uponor ceiling systems for heating and cooling are reliable and contribute to the building being used fault-free and in an energy efficient manner. The solutions are well-suited for using regenerative energies. They stand for outstanding quality, longevity and ensure a simple integration into the construction process.


  • Virtually maintenance-free systems
  • Low operating costs
  • Increased property value
  • Customised systems for new-builds and renovation projects
  • Complete solutions for radiant panel heating and cooling ceilings from one supplier
  • DIN-certified safety