uponor minitec wet installation

Underfloor heating and cooling

Minitec wet installation

Quick installation and fast heating up time

Thanks to its minimal depth of around 1 cm, Uponor Minitec is the perfect system for renovation projects. The Uponor Minitec sheeting element, with the Uponor PE-Xa pipes measuring 9.9 x 1.1 mm, is easy to lay on existing screed, timber or tiles. The adhesive layer on the back of the sheet guarantees a secure bond during installation. The levelling layer is installed just above the studs, resulting in an increase in floor height of only 15 mm. The special design of the sheeting elements ensures that the levelling compounds flow well and can bond directly with the substrate.
uponor minitec installation

Uponor Minitec in a nutshell

  • Small increase in floor level of about one centimetre
  • Minimal installation effort during renovations
  • Heats up quickly and can be regulated efficiently
  • Tried-and-tested Uponor PE-Xa quality
  • Low system temperatures