Uponor Smart S distribution unit

Supply and distribution

Smart S stainless steel manifold

Compact manifold for easy connection

The Uponor Smart S stainless steel manifold is a compact distribution unit which consists of two bars made from special stainless steel with integrated valves. The supply line can be optional included with flat sealing supply with lockshield valve for balancing and shutoff with return valves and caps ready made for actuators. Another option is with integrated airvents and fill and drain points in supply and return.
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Smart S manifold in a nutshell:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • 2 vent valves for manual ventilation
  • 2 fill/drain valves with swivel nut
  • Manifold brackets with sound absorbtion, labels etc.
  • Heating circuit: 3/4" MT euro cone
  • Heating circuit distance: 55 mm
  • Connection: G1", flat seal, stainless steel