Uponor Smatrix ledningsført teknologi

Room temperature control

Wired 24 V individual room temperature control

Secure wiring in low-voltage technology

The Uponor Wired 24 V individual room temperature control system offers 6 room sensor types, 2 controllers and an optional timer. The controller controls the TA 24/ AR 24 thermal actuators when a room sensor detects heating or cooling requirements. Different Uponor room sensor types can be connected to a controller via a non-polarized (and therefore non-reversible) low-voltage line (6 - 12 V). Depending on the size of the property and the requirement, either the 6-channel (C-33) or the 12-channel control module (C-35) is used.

A maximum of 12 room sensors and 14 TA 24 thermal actuators, as well as the optional I-36 timer can be connected to the 12-channel controller. In addition, the 12-channel controller enables you to switch between heating and cooling switching by means of an external signal. The internal circuit layout of the controllers makes it possible to combine several thermal actuators with a room sensor without requiring jumpers. Room sensors, thermal actuators and timers are connected to the controller via easy-to-install, clip-on wiring terminals.
uponor wired controls 24v


  • Inexpensive and reliable room sensor wiring
  • A choice of six room sensors (surface and flush-mounted)  
  • Setpoint settings can be limited
  • Can be used for radiant heating or cooling
  • Optional SMS connection
  • Connections for floor sensors available in some cases