uponor ecoflex heat and water distribution

Heat and water distribution

Cooling distribution networks

The ultimate solution for cooling water networks

Cooling systems for buildings are becoming increasingly important: growing demands for comfort, the increasing usage of glass in architecture, and ongoing climate changes are posing major challenges for designers, architects, and public authorities. With Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipes, chilled water for cooling systems can easily and economically be transported to the buildings. The network installation can be handled quickly and efficiently even in the most difficult conditions on site. The cooling network can be used to supply cool water either to radiant cooling systems or to air-conditioning units.

Possible usages are for the transportation from the earth collector to the heat pump and then used in free cooling applications. Another example is the transportation of cooling water from a main water chiller station to several buildings. It can also be used for transporting cold potable water when you cannot dig the pipes below the frost line.
Ecoflex Supra
uponor supra

Ultimate system for cold drinking water and cooling water networks

  • For cooling water networks in hotel complexes, swimming pools or in industrial plants
  • Cold drinking water networks
  • Optional frost protection cable ensures frost-proof transportation of drinking water
  • PE medium pipe can be connected with compression and electro fusion fittings
  • Focusing on reduced installation costs


Ecoflex Thermo
uponor thermo twin

Practical, ideal and versatile for cooling in summer and heating in winter

  • Heat losses of Ecoflex Thermo pipes are externally monitored
  • Approved and tested completed system
  • No need for special tools for assembly
  • The two-coloured centre profile in EcoflexThermo Twin prevents to mix flow and return lines when pipes are connected
  • Ecoflex Thermo Single is available in 18-110 mm in 6 bar
  • Ecoflex Thermo Twin is available in 25-75 mm in 6 bar
uponor cooling network

Cooling distribution in a nutshell

  • Cooling water networks
  • Use for air conditioning units or industrial applications
  • Cold potable water transportation
  • Waste water transportation
  • Anti-freeze cable optional possible