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Heat and water distribution

Ecoflex pre-insulated pipes

Modern solutions for local heat distribution

Modern solutions for local heat distribution need to meet the strictest requirements with regard to safety, reliability, robustness, and efficiency. Uponor offers Ecoflex pre-insulated pipes for heating as well as cooling networks. These can be used for various applications, including secondary district heating networks, residential house connections, bio energy, bio gas plants and district cooling networks. The network installation can be handled quickly and efficiently even in the most difficult conditions on site.

Uponor Ecoflex pre-insulated pipes are proven as reliable, innovative, flexible and cost efficient for transport of a variety of liquids both inside and outside of buildings. The system also comprises a complete range of products for tap water supply. Its material properties give long service life and as the pipes are low-weight and highly flexible, they can be installed easily and quickly, even over obstacles and round corners.
uponor varia twin

The ultimate pre-insulated pipes

  • Solutions for heating, cooling and tap water supply
  • Versatile range of products provides the most optimal system design
  • Up to 200 m connection-free installation in one length
  • Corrosion free and fouling resistant medium pipe for 30 years’ service time
  • Reduce installation time and costs with Quick & Easy jointing technology
uponor quick & easy jointing technology

Uponor Q&E jointing technology

  • Reliable joint
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Same fitting for both PN6 and PN10 pipes, 20-75 mm
  • Same tools can be used for all Uponor PE-Xa Q&E Connections

Q&E installation - the quick way to tight joints

Step 1
uponor ecoflex cut the pipe

Cut the pipe edge vertically.

Step 2

Expand the pipe end.

To ensure a uniform expansion, the expander rotates according to the integrated auto rotate function.

uponor q&e expand the pipe
Step 3
uponor quick and easy fittings

Push the expanded pipe end in quickly until it stops on the fitting nipple.

Hold until the pipe has been shrunk.

Expander tools

Expander tool M18

  • Cordless expander tool
  • Pipe dimensions: 18-32 mm
    (40 mm PN6)
  • Auto-rotating heads,
    compatible with M12 expander tool

Expander tool M18 large dimensions

  • Cordless ­expander ­tool
  • Pipe dimensions: 40-75mm
  • Same­ auto-­rotating­ heads­ for PN6­ and­ PN10
  • Side handle and on table installation
uponor expander tool m18
uponor expander tool m18 40-75 mm


Uponor Ecoflex pipes installed with Q & E fittings

The animation shows how easy it is to create a tight connection for Ecoflex pipes together with Q&E fittings.
Ecoflex Q&E VLD

Build on Uponor with Quick & Easy for very large dimensions

Information on innovative jointing technology for preinsulated Ecoflex pipes from 40 -75 mm

Advantages of Q&E jointing technology

  • Reliable joints
  • Innovative fitting system up to dimension 75 mm
PDF 10.41MB
Ecoflex Thermo Pro

Build on Uponor with Ecoflex Thermo PRO

Information on our new pre-insulated pipe system

PDF 9.15MB