Uponor Tacker is the wet installation for underfloor heating

Versatility thanks to flexible pipe layout

Uponor Tacker system guarantees that every component has a perfect match:

  • the heat and sound insulated stapler panels with tear-resistant texture foil and helpful printed on grid pattern
  • the flexible airtight system pipe made from a coated, cross-linked material
  • the strong staple nails that ensure that the pipe is reliably fixed to the stapler panels.

Plus, of course all the other components that are designed to enhance the functionality, safety and operability of the system. The flexible pipe can be adjusted to all room layouts and ensures a consistently cosy and pleasant distribution of heat.

Uponor Tacker in a nutshell

  • High holding force of tacker staples in the system foil
  • Can be used with Multilayer pipe or Comfort Pipe

Uponor Tacker - technical features

  • The staple nails ensure secure positioning in the system foil
  • A universal staple nail for pipe diameters of 14-20 mm
  • Suitable for all types of screed
  • Easy to install thanks to the ergonomically efficient Uponor Tacker
  • Insulation of different thicknesses is available in panels and rolls for thermal insulation and impact-sound reduction