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Room temperature controls

Smatrix PRO: The optimum in very area

Room and zone control for commercial building types and outdoor areas

Several factors influence the climate of buildings, regardless whether it’s a manufacturing facility, an office or a hospital. Each building turns out to be as individual as a human being. Differences in exposition, shapes, structure and usage of buildings require customized solutions. Other variables such as the number of workers, airflows, sun light etc. determine the rise and fall of temperatures. Due to all factors, climate is complex.

Additionally, collective monitoring is a necessity for modern commercial buildings, for example the alarms, ventilation, indoor temperature, security sensors and more should all be part of one single network. A single data hub collects the data from all devices, checks their performance and adjusts their respective settings to improve energy efficiency and safety. Easily installed, set up and operate Smatrix PRO provides state-of-the-art monitoring with a self-learning algorithm and adjust temperatures with an autobalancing function when conditions are changing.

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  • Reduction of energy costs and increase of transparency
  • One point of contact
  • Just one control for different building types
  • Smart monitoring technology and remote control of the whole system

Smatrix PRO product range

Smatrix Base PRO

Wired controller with KNX integration for heating and cooling up to 192 rooms.

Key features:

  • Fits different scenarios covering commercial applications, from 1 to 16 controllers in a complete system
  • Autobalancing ensures simple installation, set-up and usage
  • Touchscreen interface for single point of access and easy configuration of advanced features
  • KNX integration through a gateway
  • Compatible with KNX room control devices
  • Complete integration with Smatrix Move PRO controller


uponor smatrix base pro

Build on Uponor with Smatrix Pro

Technical Information

  • Control system for radiant heating and cooling
  • Optimum indoor climate for industrial and commercial buildings
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