uponor spectra ceiling heating and cooling

Ceiling heating and cooling

Spectra metal ceiling panel

Version with aluminium profile frame

The magnetic metal ceiling panels Varicool Spectra M are a circulating water heating and cooling system. The single elements can be safely connected through a unique magnetic connection below the ceiling.
The panels work with a radiation heating and cooling system which provides better indoor comfort, greater energy efficiency and comfortable and pleasant climate. In addition, the special cotton insulation adhesive sticks to the metal plate have perforations to achieve an excellent interior acoustics. The reflective metal ceiling panels provide a perfect surface for indirect lighting.

The individual ceiling elements are of  a high quality, all-round sales are made of aluminum profiles and are therefore particularly visually appealing. The elements are loaded individually into the frame during installation. Due to the weight of the items and the practical dimensions, the Varicool Spectra M sails can be easily and flexibly mounted.


  • Architecturally attractive ceiling surfaces
  • Can be fitted in existing metal ceilings
  • Thermally active and passive areas of ceiling can be combined
  • Good heating and cooling performance thanks to excellent heat transfer
  • Good sound absorption thanks to perforated metal-ceiling panels with acoustic fleece
  • The ideal way to integrate renewable energy sources
  • Can be combined with lights of different designs and other flush and surface mounted ceiling elements